Silver Mentoring

Silver Mentoring is a school project in which we would like to readapt a form of education. In France, seniors are apart and dreaded at the same time. We just need to have a look of our TV spots to realize that they are almost missing from marketing operations. Our team dedicated this project to bring a different view of education, in the way that seniors could be very useful to startups, because we believe on their knowledge and experiences. Silver Mentoring is a platform where seniors subscribe in, and startups can recruit them in exchange for... knowledge !

What I did
  • Audit
  • Site flow
  • Consumer journeys
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • Guidelines


  • Creation 1
  • Creation 2
  • Creation 3

Reinvent education... by including seniors !

After watching few TEDs like TED's playlist "Re-imagining school" and our own experience about academic formation, we wanted to think outside the box, and point seniors on our thinking process.

Seniors are about to be forgotten of brand marketing. However, they represent more than 20% of the entire French population. We would like to rejuvenate this vision that we used to have towards seniors, and we believe that, even if you are old, you can contribute for society.

After depth interviews and team meetings, I decide to realize personas to define later, all users journeys on the platform.

  • Identify login/subscribe path

    As we have two different targets: startup and seniors; I determine how they will interact with the website to subscribe in.

  • Identify all needed pages

    The sitemap determines all levels on the website at a glance. All pages are ordered, it determines the number or required pages.


Consumer journeys

After finding targets, and make an global architecture of the website, I realize customer journeys to find more insight about building experience on Silver Mentoring's ecosystem. In fact, customers journey provides a vivid but structured visualisation of a service user’s experience. The touchpoints where users interact with the service are often used in order to construct a “journey” – an engaging story based upon their experience.

  • Guidelines allow the jury to project itself and get an overview of future graphical layout.
    We decided to use pastel colors to reassure seniors. You can view it by clicking on this link. (wip)


A motivating project about finding solutions and being innovative about education and technology these days. Working all together as a team was important to complete this project successfully.

Web prototype