Live. Dance. Drink.

Since 2012, LeMellotron.com has been streaming from a roaming studio on the banks of the river Seine. Now re-located in a bar, in the vibrant area of République, LeMellotron.com is a true community and underground radio station, broadcasting content that will appeal to all beats & melodies lovers.

What I did
  • Art Direction
  • Audit
  • User Flow
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • LeMellotron.com has the cool idea to organize surprized live session on its bar, and live broadcasting on its website. By investigating and charting with customers' bar, we identified that most of them were not aware of the live: customers didn't know that they were recorded. Moreover, most people interviewed on site didn't realize that Mellotron.com is also a website. Also, the website includes an audio player which plays random songs from playlist. An interesting funtionality but not fully exploited.


  • TinyBox
  • Hömii
The real problem is not a lack of communication or an outdated designed website: the bar and the website work well in silo. Mellotron.com have to identify how to link physical and digital space, though cross-functionalities to optimize its ecosystem.

Current website doesn't mentionned that Mellotron.com has a bar excepted on the "About page", hidden on the footer. We made the choice to include the bar on the main navigation and dedicate this page to special events.

LeMellotron.com does not need to make a responsive website, it doesn't fulfill user's needs. On mobile, users are more reluctant to watch a 3-hours live show. They rather use their phone as a mp3-player and listen a podcast/playlist while on public transport. Moreover, battery usage were obviously a huge issue. An app were adviced.

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  • Sitemap Website Mellotron
  • Siteflow Website Mellotron
  • Treemap App Mellotron
  • Appflow App Mellotron




It was a 1-week project full of challenges. And it was really rewarding to observe, analyze, talk to people, and recolt informations right on stage.

A quick app prototpe has been made to showcase mobile's opportunities about music and a navigation prototype has been made on Marvel

Web prototype