La voix, l'expo qui vous parle !

In order to accompany visitors in discovering and visiting the museum, La Cité des Sciences wishes to equip itself with an interactive application for their exhibition La Voix. Exhibition taking place from 10 December 2013 to 31 August 2014.

What I did
  • Art direction
  • La Voix
  • La Voix
  • La Voix

It was not a small job to find the right balance between the exhibition and the interactive brochure. We had to find a way to attract user's attention without being too absorbed by the tablet. The app has to be a tool to the exhibition, and not the main attraction. After a complete benchmark and a collection of visitors' testimonies, we wanted to take into account the remarks of these visitors and thus put forward the separation of the 3 rooms of the exhibition by creating a universe and a different style for each room.

The graphic chart reproduces that of the exhibition, adding simple shapes to identify the identity of each room.


La Voix La Voix La Voix La Voix


A project made as an exercise at school in team. It had been made for Universcience, and was exciting as we had to make lot of interviews to understand users' needs.

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