Hömii is my final school project about the homes of tomorrow. We all have a common issue in our life: buying our house. We now, buy a house - which represent one of our meaning life - on a list as you choose a pizza, waiting for a crush. I believe that we have to reintroduce users on the house's concept. My problematic is: "How to give back a meaning of housing ?" Users tend to wait and sign papers, and if you're unlucky... things go wrong.

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What I did
  • Audit
  • Print
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • Art direction


  • Creation 1
  • Creation 1

House of tomorrow.

Mom used to tell me to not rent an apartment (meh). She always told me to save money for buying later. I believe that architecture affects us everyday unconsciously, few TEDs relate that.

Firstly, Hömii is a platform for people willing to build their own house. It is a place where they can find artisans. I realized in fact that artisans lack of visibility on the Internet. Users will rate them, and state for a commitement to work all together.

Then, the app Hömii allows team to follow the construction work. Also, it takes an inventory of all existing materials and new innovations for a sustainable housing using ecologically-sound materials and renewable. After a survey I made, most people think that building a house is way to hard, but 100% would try to build it if professionals help them. This app makes the building playful, like a RPG-game: a story made by chapters.

  • My year-end project on this brochure.
    Business Plan & Strategic Roadmap



An inspiring project about finding solutions and being innovative about housing. I conclude my studies by receiving the highest qualification of "Very Good" by the jury, and I plan to launch this project on 2017.