France's strategic pole

France Stratégie is a body for reflection, expertise and consultation with the Prime Minister. Announced at the June social conference and created by decree on 22 April 2013, France Stratégie aims to be a tool for consultation in the service of social and citizen debate and a strategic steering tool for the executive. France Strategy, in its fields of expertise, is able to respond with diligence to all orders placed by the Prime Minister, whether to clarify the future, contribute to public policy choices, organize Consultations or to evaluate mechanisms and policies.

What I did
  • Audit
  • Workshop
  • Wireframe
  • France Stratégie already has strong content. We needed to study its Information Architecture, and readapt it to the new content from its redesign.

    As a website has a tendancy to accumulate informations, France Stratégie needs to renew again its design. The IA is still solid, we won't modify it. But we will try to adapt the sitemap to more entry point based from its new contents. We have to point that the search module is complex as France Stratégie only purpose articles.

  • Site map

    The sitemap determines all levels on the website at a glance. All pages are ordered, it determines the number or required pages.


01 High-fi wireframes

After the Exploration phase, quick zoning and wireframes allows the client to project its website. We have to assemble all information and content on a screen, and think about all functionalities.

02 Workshop

Workshops are planned when we need more informations about a specific subject, evaluate designs with stakeholders and build a strong relationship with the client. We want to move forward together and not set stakeholders as "the client" but as a designer of the project. The client has an overview of the process.

03 Iteration

All layouts are about versioning. After a release, we start again from the first step and implement minor or major corrections, depending on client's need.


A solid project, working with involved stakeholders and good interactions within the team. France Stratégie expected a lot from us, we needed to communicate and explain every step of our process to work effectly together.