Le Défenseur des Droits

The Defender of Rights oversees the protection of your rights and freedoms, promotes equality and ensures greater access to rights. Any natural or legal person may refer a case to it directly and free of charge. This independent administrative authority was enshrined in the Constitution on 23rd July 2008 and established by the Organic and Ordinary Laws of 29th March 2011.

What I did
  • Audit
  • Site flow
  • Consumer journeys
  • Wireframe
  • Site map

    The sitemap determines all levels on the website at a glance. All pages are ordered, it determines the number or required pages.

  • Consumer journey

    Customers journey provides a vivid but structured visualisation of a service user’s experience. The touchpoints where users interact with the service are often used in order to construct a “journey” – an engaging story based upon their experience.



An interesting project where communication were the most important point. We always need to reassure the client, by including them on the process. Working all together as a team was important to complete this project successfully.